How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon? [Quick Guide 2023]

Imagine a world where a few clicks could deliver a brand-new laptop to your house without spending the money. Explore tips and unique methods to achieve this digital ambition. Discover how to get a free laptop from Amazon. Use these professional tips to win big on Amazon!

How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon?

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The below-mentioned techniques can save you money and time.

1. Amazon Giveaways: Your Chance to Win

Amazon often gives free laptops. These steps boost your chances of winning:

  • Visit Amazon’s Giveaways.
  • Browse interest-based giveaways.
  • Choose laptop giveaways that interest you.
  • You may have to view a video, follow a brand on Amazon, or answer questions for each contest.

2. Product Testing Programs: Share Your Insights

People receive complimentary laptops for testing and feedback from companies. Becoming a product tester involves these steps:

  • Join product testing platforms or forums that match companies with testers.
  • Add accurate information to your profile.
  • Look for laptop testing possibilities and apply.
  • If chosen, follow corporate testing procedures and give detailed feedback.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program: Earn and Save

Promote products and earn commissions as an Amazon affiliate. This technique won’t earn you a free laptop, but it can save you money:

  • Register as an Amazon affiliate.
  • Share Amazon items on your blog, social network, or website.
  • Affiliate connections generate sales and commissions.
  • Buy your laptop with these commissions.

4. Amazon Trade-In: Swap Old for New

If you have old equipment collecting dust, Amazon’s Trade-In program can provide you with gift vouchers for a new laptop:

  • Go to Amazon’s Trade-In.
  • See if your old electronics can be traded in.
  • Obtain a trade-in quote and proceed if satisfied.
  • Get an Amazon gift card for your old stuff and buy a laptop.

5. Cashback and Rewards Cards: Save While You Spend

Some credit cards offer Amazon cashback or perks. Although it doesn’t give you a laptop, this option lowers costs:

  • Apply for an Amazon credit card with cashback or perks.
  • Use the card for Amazon and daily spending.
  • Save cashback or rewards points for a laptop.

6. Coupons, Discounts, and Deals: Stay Aware

Amazon’s coupons, discounts, and lightning deals can dramatically cut laptop prices. How to use these savings:

  • Watch Amazon’s Coupons page.
  • Browse Amazon’s discounts.
  • Select laptop models to receive notifications.
  • Act immediately on a terrific bargain or limited-time discount.

7. Amazon Gift Cards: Earn and Redeem

Amazon gift cards are a popular way to save on laptops. Consider these steps:

  • Do online surveys, product reviews, and campaigns that give Amazon gift cards.
  • Save gift cards till you can buy a laptop.
  • Redeem gift cards to reduce or eliminate laptop costs.

8. Third-Party Promotions: Seek Hidden Opportunities

Third-party firms sometimes give free laptops on Amazon. 

  • Monitor third-party websites, social media, and email newsletters.
  • Enter these companies’ contests, prizes, and promotions.

9. Online Contests and Sweepstakes: Try Your Luck

Entering online contests and sweepstakes for a free laptop can be fun and profitable.

  • Find laptop sweepstakes on search engines.
  • Pay attention to the contest rules and entry conditions.
  • Multiple contests enhance your chances of winning.

10. Student Discounts and Promotions: Leverage Your Status

Student discounts and promotions on Amazon may apply. How to maximize these opportunities:

  • Amazon or student verification services can verify student status.
  • Amazon’s Student Store offers exclusive laptop pricing.

Techniques to Avoid Free Laptop Scams

Be careful and avoid fraud when seeking a free laptop. Here are some safety tips:

1. Beware of Too-Good-To-Be-True Offers

Fraudsters promise free laptops but take personal information. If an offer sounds too good to be true, beware.

2. Check the Source

Trustworthy sources are essential. Search for reviews of the free laptop provider.

3. Never Share Sensitive Information

Sharing personal or financial information with strangers is risky. Genuine free laptop offers should not request personal info.

4. Read the Fine Print

Read the terms and conditions of any offer to understand the criteria and fees. Important scam facts are often hidden in the fine print.

5. Avoid Paying Upfront

A legitimate free laptop offer should be fine without an upfront payment. A free laptop deal that asks for money is probably a fraud.

Free Government Laptops for Low-Income Families

Low-income households in the US and elsewhere receive free or highly reduced laptops from government initiatives. These programs ensure everyone has vital technology. Explore these major programs:

E-Rate Program

Eligible schools and libraries receive E-Rate savings on internet and computer equipment. It primarily benefits educational institutions, although low-income families that use these resources gain indirectly.


ConnectHomeUSA provides low-income families with cheap laptops and internet access. It addresses the digital divide comprehensively.


EveryoneOn, a nonprofit, connects low-income families to affordable internet and devices. They cooperate with service providers to provide economical solutions.


How can I get a free laptop from Amazon?

 Consider freebies, testing programs, and affiliates for a free or discounted laptop.

Is Amazon legit for laptops? 

For laptops, Amazon is trusted due to its vast selection and consumer reviews.

Can I trust third-party promotions for free laptops on Amazon? 

Check third-party promos for legitimacy by researching and reading reviews.

Are there age or location restrictions for free laptops from Amazon? 

Check method-specific restrictions for each opportunity.

How can I maximize my chances of winning Amazon giveaways? 

Enter more freebies, complete actions, and check often, but luck matters.


We’ve found many ways to get a free laptop from Amazon. From giveaways to affiliate schemes, a cheap laptop is possible. With this information, when will you start buying a laptop? Which method will you use? 

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