How to Get Siri on iPhone 14 [Quick Steps 2023]

After unboxing your iPhone 14, you’re ready to explore cutting-edge technology. Siri has been your virtual assistant for years, but how do you call her on this sleek new device? Discover how to get Siri on iPhone 14, making your interactions smoother, smarter, and more engaging. So buckle up as we explore voice-activated assistance’s future. 

How to Get Siri on iPhone 14?

iphone setting and siri & search setting

You may activate Siri and enjoy convenience in a few easy steps. Set up and activate Siri on your iPhone 14 with this easy guide.

  • Step 1: unlock your iPhone 14 using Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • Step 2: open “Settings” on your iPhone’s main screen.
  • Step 3: Tap “Siri & Search.” under settings to configure Siri.
  • Step 4: Enable “Hey Siri” listening. Turn on “Listen for ‘Hey Siri.'” Siri can now respond to voice instructions on locked devices.
  • Step 5: Set Up Voice Recognition and follow the on-screen instructions. Siri asks you to repeat sentences to learn your voice.
  • Step 6: Siri is ready to help. Language and voice feedback settings are available.

Activating Siri with Your Voice

Voice activation is Siri’s most convenient feature:

  • Say “Hey Siri.” to activate Siri hands-free. This command works even while your iPhone 14 is locked and the screen is off, making it ideal for short chores.
  • Alternatively, press and hold the side button (previously the home button on older iPhones) to activate Siri. This strategy is suitable for loud environments or manual control.

Using Siri for Basic Functions

Siri is quite useful for many everyday tasks:

  • Calling: Say, “Hey Siri, call Mom,” and Siri will make the call—a hands-free way to connect.
  • Sending Messages: Say, “Hey Siri, send a text to John,” and Siri will compose and send your message.
  • Setting Reminders: Siri is great for scheduling reminders. Say, “Hey Siri, remind me to buy groceries at 5 PM,” and Siri will do it.
  • Today’s weather: do you need an umbrella? Ask Siri about local or global weather.
  • Setting Alarms and Timers: Siri can set morning alarms and mealtime reminders. Add, “Hey Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes.”

Siri for Productivity

Siri boosts productivity brilliantly. Some strategies to improve efficiency:

  • Siri can book meetings, appointments, and social gatherings.
  • Siri will type your dictated email.
  • Get directions and traffic information on the go.
  • Siri can take notes and make to-do lists.

Siri Entertainment

Siri can entertain you:

  • Voice-controlled music playback. Ask Siri to play your favorite songs, albums, or playlists.
  • Siri can locate and play movies and TV shows from numerous streaming sources.
  • Get the latest sports scores and schedules.

Siri for Smart Home Control

Siri can control smart home devices:

  • Control bright lights with “Hey Siri, turn off the lights.”
  • Adjust your thermostat from your couch.
  • Monitor your smart locks and security cameras.

How to Fix ‘Hey Siri’ on Your iPhone 14

Iphone setting

Check Siri Settings:

  • Select “Settings” > “Siri & Search.”
  • Select “Listen for ‘Hey Siri.'”

Teach Siri:

  • Hit “Set Up ‘Hey Siri’.”
  • Train Siri to recognize your voice with these steps.

Check Microphone:

  • Make sure the microphone is clear.

Allow Siri Locked:

  • On “Settings,” click “Face ID & Passcode” to “Touch ID & Passcode.”
  • Click “Allow ‘Hey Siri.'”

How to Make Siri Know You on iPhone 14

Personalize Siri with your contact info:

  • Select “Settings” > “Siri & Search.”
  • Include Contact Information:
  • Select your contact card under “My Information.”

How to Change How Siri Sounds on iPhone 14

Siri voice customization:

  • On “Settings,” go to “Siri & Search.”
  • Tap “Siri Voice” and pick among possibilities.

How to Use Siri Built-in App Support on iPhone 14

Using Siri’s app support:

  • Turn on Siri.
  • Hold the side button or say, “Hey, Siri.”
  • Launch App.
  • Add, “Open [app name].”
  • Specific Orders.
  • After opening the program, use its commands.
  • Check Out Apps.
  • Ask Siri, “What apps can you use?”


Is Siri always listening to my conversations?

Siri only responds to ‘Hey Siri’ and processes voice data for privacy when enabled.

Can I use Siri to control smart home devices on my iPhone 14?

Siri controls compatible smart home gadgets. Set them up in the Home app for Siri voice control.

What button do I press to activate Siri?

Hold the side button on your iPhone 14 to activate Siri until she responds.

How do I activate Siri on my iPhone 14 without the home button?

Hold the side button on your iPhone 14 to access Siri without the home button.


Siri is easy to set up on your iPhone 14, enabling a world of convenience and support. This powerful virtual companion is accessible with a few taps and voice commands. How will you use Siri to simplify your life and improve your everyday routine?

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