How to Record Screen on Smart TV? [Easy Steps 2023]  

Imagine never missing your favorite shows, capturing those breathtaking gaming moments, or even creating your tutorials, all with the simple push of a button. Smart TVs have become the heart of our entertainment systems in our increasingly digital world. They bring us everything from movies to games; now, they can even preserve those unforgettable moments for you.

Whether you own a Samsung, Sony, LG, or Android-based Smart TV, a screen recording solution awaits you. Learn how to record screen on smart tv effortlessly! Explore built-in options, top apps, and expert tips for high-quality recordings. Let’s get started on this journey to becoming the master of your Smart TV’s screen recording capabilities!

How to Record Screen on Smart TV?

Below, I’ve mentioned three methods for quickly recording your Smart TV screen. Whether you want to use built-in features, third-party apps, or connect to your computer, these options provide flexible solutions for capturing your favorite TV moments.

Method 1: Using Built-in Tools

Smart Tv remote with Record Button

Recording your Smart TV screen is often as simple as utilizing the built-in tools of many Smart TVs. 

  • Prep Your TV: Start by turning on your Smart TV and connecting it to a USB drive. Ensure enough storage space.
  • Pick Your Content: Use your TV remote to find the content to record. This can be a movie, TV, or game.
  • Start Recording: Look for a dedicated Record button or a screen recording option on your TV remote in the menu. It’s often represented by an icon resembling a red dot or a camera. Press this button to initiate the recording process.
  • Confirm Settings: Depending on your TV model, you may be prompted to confirm recording settings such as video quality and duration. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your preferences.
  • Stop Recording: When you’ve captured the desired content, use your TV remote to stop the recording. This could involve pressing the same Record button again or accessing the recording controls in the TV’s menu.
  • Access Your Recordings: Retrieve your recorded videos from the connected storage device, typically stored in a designated folder. You can then play, share, or transfer them as needed.

Built-in screen recording tools make capturing content on your Smart TV hassle-free. 

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

Du recorder App and Az screen recorder App

Third-party programs can do this if your Smart TV doesn’t include screen recording.

  • Check compatibility: First, ensure your Smart TV can install apps and is online. You may need to sideload apps or use the app store if you have an Android TV.
  • Download app: Search your TV’s app store for screen recording. DU Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, and Mobizen are popular. Select and install your app.
  • Configure Settings: After installing the app, activate it and customize recording settings. Settings may include video quality, frame rate, and audio source. Set your choices.
  • Start Recording: Launch the screen recording app and tap the record button. This button is usually prominently displayed within the app’s interface. Your screen recording will begin.
  • Record Your TV Screen: While the screen recording app is active, start playing the content you want to capture on your Smart TV. The app will record everything displayed on your TV screen.
  • Stop Recording: When you’ve captured the desired content, stop the recording using the controls provided by the app. This typically involves tapping a stop or pause button within the app’s interface.
  • Access Your Recordings: Your videos are usually saved within the app or in your TV’s internal storage. The software lets you play, edit, and share them.

Even without built-in recording tools, third-party screen recording programs can capture content on your Smart TV.

Method 3: Recording to a Computer

Using an HDMI capture device, you can record the screen of your Smart TV directly to your computer.

  • Get a Capture Card: Purchase a compatible HDMI capture card, such as Elgato, AVerMedia, or Blackmagic Design. Ensure that the capture card has both HDMI input and output ports.
  • Connect Devices: Connect an HDMI cable to the capture card’s HDMI input port from your Smart TV’s HDMI output port. Your computer should be linked to the capture card by USB, Thunderbolt, or another appropriate connection, depending on its model.
  • Install Capture Software: Install the software provided with the capture card on your computer. This software is essential for configuring recording settings and capturing the TV screen.
  • Configure Settings:  Open the capture software and adjust the recording parameters. Setting video resolution, frame rate, and audio source may be necessary. Optimize settings by following program instructions.
  • Start Recording: With the capture software running, start the recording process. Your computer screen will display the content from your Smart TV.
  • Stop Recording: When you’ve captured the desired content, stop the recording using the controls provided by the capture software. This could involve clicking a stop button or following specific on-screen instructions.
  • Access Your Recordings: The recorded video files will be saved on your computer’s hard drive. Access them in the capture software’s configuration location.
  • Edit and Share: Once on your computer, you can edit, share, or keep recordings.

Capture cards allow more control over recording your Smart TV screen to a computer.


Does smart TV have screen recording? 

Many Smart TVs offer screen recording features, allowing you to capture your favorite content directly on the TV.

Can I record TV from my phone? 

Yes, you can record your TV screen from your phone using screen mirroring or third-party apps, depending on your phone and TV’s compatibility.

Does Android allow screen recording? 

Android does allow screen recording through built-in features or third-party apps, offering flexibility for users.

Which is the best screen recorder for Android? 

Some popular and trusted screen recorder apps for Android include AZ Screen Recorder and DU Recorder.

Are screen recorder apps safe?

Screen recorder apps from reputable sources are generally safe, but it’s essential to be cautious and download from trusted app stores to avoid potential security risks.


Recording your Smart TV screen enhances entertainment and captures memories. There are methods for everyone, including built-in tools, third-party apps, and computer connections. How will you record your Smart TV screen?

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