How to Remove an Asus Laptop Battery? [3 easy Steps 2023] 

Power is everything in the digital age, and batteries are vital. However, what happens when your ASUS laptop’s power source decreases? Learn how to remove an Asus laptop battery and fix your power issues with our instructions, like freeing your laptop from low battery issues. Let’s get your laptop working smoothly.

Why Remove Your ASUS Laptop Battery?

Before “how,” let’s briefly address “why.” Understanding why you need to remove your ASUS laptop battery can help you appreciate it. As batteries decay, they can pose many problems:

  • Reduced Battery Life: Older batteries don’t charge as long as new ones, reducing their lifespan.
  • Laptop overheating: A dead battery might cause your laptop to overheat and expand.
  • Charging Issues: Faulty batteries may not charge properly, resulting in connectivity problems.
  • Safety Concerns: When a battery stops working properly, it can be dangerous and should be replaced immediately.

How to Remove an Asus Laptop Battery?

Is your ASUS laptop battery malfunctioning or need to be replaced? Removing the battery is easy and can fix power issues or replace your laptop. Follow these procedures to remove your Asus laptop battery safely!

Step 1: Preparing for Battery Removal

anti-static wristband to prevent static discharge.

It would help if you protect yourself and your laptop. Take these simple safety precautions:

  • Power Off: Unplug your laptop and turn it off.
  • Anti-static Wrist Strap: Wear an anti-static wristband to prevent static discharge.

Step 2: Removing the Battery

battery with latch and battery with screws

Here comes the time for which you have waited. 

Removing the Battery with a Latch:

  • Look for a battery release switch or latch. Usually near the battery. This clasp may be sliding or a little button.
  • Slide or press the latch in the arrow or unlock icon direction. You should hear or feel a click or release.
  • After releasing, gently raise the battery. Use caution and remove all cords and connectors. If so, carefully separate them.

Removing the Battery with Screws:

  • Remove the battery compartment lid screws with the Phillips-head screwdriver. These screws have a little battery icon.
  • Carefully remove the lid to uncover the battery. You may need a plastic spudger to remove the jammed lid.
  • Next, find any battery-holding screws or connectors. The battery may have them on the sides or bottom. Remove screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Use the plastic spudger to remove and separate connectors carefully.

Step 3: Disconnecting the Battery

Here’s how to disconnect the battery:

  • The battery should be visible. A cable and connector connect it to the laptop’s motherboard. This white or black plastic connector with wires should be checked carefully.
  • Carefully remove the connector from the motherboard with a plastic spudger. Be careful not to damage the cord or connector. This requires patience because of the sensitive connectors.

You’ve removed your ASUS laptop battery. Reassemble it in reverse if replacing. Always be cautious and seek professional help if needed.


Can the inbuilt battery be removed? 

The battery in most ASUS laptops is hard to remove. Internal design requires laptop disassembly to access and replace.

Can I remove the motherboard battery? 

No, avoiding motherboard battery removal would help. The motherboard (CMOS battery) maintains system settings and should only be removed with extensive technical knowledge and a special purpose.

Can I remove my laptop’s built-in battery? 

Some ASUS laptops feature removable batteries, but most have built-in ones. Users should not remove these internal batteries.

Does ASUS have a removable battery? 

Built-in batteries are now standard on ASUS laptops. Some variants still have replaceable batteries. Consult your laptop’s user manual or manufacturer’s website for model-specific information.


Fixing power issues and upgrading your ASUS laptop requires careful battery removal. You may complete this task with the step-by-step guide. Are there any laptop maintenance or troubleshooting activities you want to learn?

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