How to Reset Raycon Earbuds [Complete Guide 2023]

Imagine a world where every beat is crisp, every note crystal clear, and every moment filled with your favorite tunes; that’s the magic of Raycon earbuds. But what happens when your auditory oasis needs a fresh start? Today, I’ll show you how to reset Raycon earbuds. It’s like giving Them a little refresh button. So grab your Raycons, and let’s start this quick and easy journey to better sound!

 Why Reset Your Raycon Earbuds?

 Reasons Why Reset Your Raycon Earbuds

Resetting your Raycon earbuds can help resolve various issues, such as:

  • Connectivity Problems: Resetting can often establish a stable connection if your earbuds are not connecting to your device.
  • Audio Problems: A reset might fix the issue if you’re experiencing distorted or one-sided audio.
  • Charging Problems: When your earbuds don’t charge properly, resetting can sometimes solve the problem.
  • Syncing Issues: In cases where one earbud is out of sync with the other, a reset may bring them back in harmony.

Now that you know why resetting can be beneficial, let’s explore how to do it for different Raycon earbud models.

How to Reset Raycon Earbuds

How to reset Earbuds

Resetting your Raycon earbuds is a handy skill that can come to your rescue when encountering connectivity problems, audio hiccups, or other performance issues. 

Whether you own the popular Raycon E25, E55, or other models, mastering the art of resetting ensures your earbuds stay in tip-top shape. We’ll walk you through the steps and tips to reset your Raycon earbuds, helping you enjoy uninterrupted music and calls.

Step 1: Place the Earbuds in the Charging Case

  • Open the charging case and ensure the earbuds are correctly seated in their respective slots.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Buttons

  • On each earbud, locate the button or touch-sensitive area (this may vary by model).
  • Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. You’ll usually see LED lights on the earbuds flash during this time.

Step 3: Repair with Your Device

  • Once the LED lights flash, your Raycon earbuds are reset to factory settings.
  • To pair them with your device, put them in pairing mode (check your user manual for specific instructions) and connect them to your device as if you were setting them up for the first time.

Please note that the exact button combinations and reset process may vary slightly depending on the model of your Raycon earbuds. Always refer to your user manual or the Raycon website for model-specific instructions.

Resetting Raycon Earbuds for Different Models

Resetting your Raycon earbuds can be a handy troubleshooting step if you encounter connectivity problems or audio glitches. Here’s how to do it for various models:

Raycon E25 and E55:

  • Put both earbuds in the charger.
  • Press and hold both earbud buttons for 10 seconds until the LED lights flash.
  • Repair your earbuds with your device.

Other Raycon Models:

  • For different models, the reset process is generally similar.

Pairing Left and Right Raycon Earbuds

Correctly pairing your left and right earbuds balances audio.

Put Both Earbuds in Pairing Mode:

  • Open the charging case and remove both earbuds.
  • Turn off and on your Bluetooth device.
  • Press and hold the buttons on both earbuds until they flash blue and red to pair them.

Connect to Your Device:

  • On your device, go to Bluetooth settings.
  • Look for your Raycon earbuds in the list of available devices and select them to pair.
  • Once connected, you should hear a pairing confirmation sound.

Why is Only One of My Earbuds Working?

If you’re experiencing the issue of only one of your Raycon earbuds working, here are some quick troubleshooting steps:

  • Check Connection: Ensure both earbuds are correctly paired and connected to your device.
  • Clean the Earbuds: Look for dirt or debris around the speaker grille and gently clean them.
  • Balance Settings: Adjust your device’s audio balance settings to center the sound.
  • Reset the Earbuds: Try resetting your Raycon earbuds (as explained earlier) to resolve connectivity and audio problems.
  • Battery Levels: Make sure both earbuds are fully charged.
  • Driver and Firmware: Check for firmware updates and install them to address potential driver issues.

Raycon Earbuds Blinking Red and Blue

A Raycon earbud blinking red and blue usually signifies pairing mode. When the earbud is unconnected and ready to connect, this happens. Follow these steps:

Pair the Earbud:

  • Device Bluetooth must be enabled.
  • Access your Bluetooth settings.
  • Look for the Raycon earbud with the blinking red and blue lights in the list of available devices.
  • Select the earbud to pair it with your device.
  • Once paired, the blinking should stop, and the earbud will be connected.

If the blinking continues or you encounter other issues with your Raycon earbuds, consider following the earlier reset instructions to troubleshoot the problem.


Why did my Raycon earbud stop working?

Check for low battery or connectivity issues. Try charging your earbud or resetting it to resolve common problems.

How do I turn off my Raycon earbuds?

Returning your earbuds to the charging case turns them off and starts charging.

How do I reset my Raycon earbuds?

To reset, place both earbuds in the case, hold the buttons until LED lights flash, and then repair your device for a fresh start.

Why are my Raycon earbuds not charging or turning on?

Ensure the earbuds are seated correctly in the case, and check the charger connection. If issues persist, consider cleaning the charging contacts or seeking customer support.


Resetting your Raycon earbuds can be a simple yet effective solution to connectivity problems and audio glitches. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can troubleshoot and restore your earbuds’ performance. But remember, technology evolves – are there any exciting new features or methods you’d like to explore with your Raycon earbuds?

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