How to Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV [Complete Guide 2023]

Ever felt like your Roku TV’s brightness is trying to outshine the sun? We’ve all been there, and the good news is that you are just a few clicks away from mastering the art of brightness control.

Today, we’ll explain how to turn brightness down on Roku TV. Whether you’re watching a thrilling film or your favorite show, finding the right viewing balance is essential. Stop squinting and feeling like a solar flare! You’ll have your Roku TV screen perfectly tuned in just a few simple steps.

Why Adjust Brightness on Roku TV?

First, discuss why you’d want to adjust Roku TV brightness.

  • Comfortable Viewing: The brightness level significantly impacts your comfort while watching TV. It can blind and strain eyes if too high. However, too low may make dark scenes hard to see.
  • Energy Efficiency: TV brightness reduction saves energy. This is an eco-friendly tweak if you’re conscious about your carbon footprint and electricity bills.
  • Optimized Gaming: Gamers often prefer lower brightness levels for a more immersive gaming experience. Reducing brightness can enhance the contrast and vividness of in-game visuals.
  • Time of Day: Changing brightness based on time of day is typical. Many people choose brighter screens during the day and darker ones at night to minimize house disturbances.

After establishing the importance of brightness, let’s continue the steps.

How to Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV?

You can easily customize your Roku TV’s brightness for a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience if You follow these steps :

Step 1: Access the Roku TV Menu

First, open Roku TV’s settings. Customize your settings here.

  • Locate and push the “Home” button on your Roku TV remote. From the Roku home screen, you may access settings.
Roku Home menu

Step 2: Go to Settings

From the home screen, find the settings menu.

  • Use the Roku remote’s arrow keys. Navigate the menu with the left or right arrow keys.
  • Choose “Settings.” Find and select “Settings.” Press OK on your remote when “Settings” is highlighted.

Step 3: Set Display

Nearly there! The settings menu has several options. Find the display or picture settings one.

  • Use the arrow keys to scroll through the settings to find “Display” or “Picture.” Highlight it and press OK to set the display.
Picture Settings of Roku Tv

Step 4: Adjust the Brightness

Now comes the necessary part—adjusting brightness. Find “Brightness” under display or picture options. Highlight with arrow keys.

  • Change Brightness: Highlight “Brightness” and use the up or down arrow keys to change brightness. Roku TVs often show the screen’s improved brightness.
  • Preview as You Go: Changes should be monitored on the TV screen. You can discover the correct brightness with real-time feedback.
Roku Tv Brightness settings

Step 5: Save Changes

You’ve adjusted the screen illumination to your liking. Save your settings now.

  • After setting the brightness, press OK on your remote to save. This confirms and saves your choice.

Step 6: Exit the Menu

Successfully changed Roku TV brightness. Please enjoy your favorite content again.

  • To exit the display settings menu and return to your Roku home screen, hit the “Home” button on your remote.

Adjusting Local Dimming on Roku Devices

Local dimming on some Roku TVs improves viewing. The TV can independently adjust zone brightness, improving contrast and black. How to modify Roku local dimming:

Step 1: Open Settings

Press “Home” on your Roku remote to launch the home screen.

Step 2: Go to Settings Menu

Move left or right on your remote to highlight and select “Settings.”

Step 3: Select TV Inputs

Select “TV inputs” under Settings. This lets you change TV input settings.

Step 4: Choose HDMI

Select your Roku TV’s HDMI port. Check which TV HDMI port your Roku is connected to for clarification.

Step 5: Dim Locally

Selecting the HDMI port opens input settings. Find a local dimming or advanced picture setting option. TV models place and name this option differently.

6. Customize Local Dimming

Set local dimming with the remote’s arrow keys. Options are “Off,” “Low,” “Medium,” and “High.” Try these parameters to discover your ideal level.

Step 7: Save Changes

After customizing the local dimming setting, click OK to save.

That’s it! After adjusting local dimming on your Roku TV, contrast and picture quality will improve.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Now that you know how to adjust brightness, here are a few additional tips and considerations to enhance your Roku TV experience:

Picture Modes 

Roku TVs often offer various picture modes, such as “Movie,” “Sports,” “Game,” and “Vivid.” These modes have preset settings for brightness, contrast, and other picture elements. Experiment with these modes to find the one that suits your content best. For instance, “Movie” mode typically offers a more cinematic experience, while “Sports” mode enhances action-packed scenes.

Ambient Light Sensor 

Some Roku TVs have ambient light sensors that alter brightness based on room illumination. This can help avoid daily settings adjustments. Display settings usually turn this feature on or off.

Calibrate Your TV 

If visual quality is essential, seek expert calibration. Adjust brightness, contrast, color balance, and more to get the best picture quality. Professional calibrators optimize TV settings with specialized equipment and software.

Night Mode 

If you enjoy watching TV at night without disturbing others in your household, look for a “Night Mode” or “Dolby Audio Night Mode” (if available). This feature reduces loud sounds and adjusts the brightness to create a more comfortable nighttime viewing experience.


Can you turn down TCL Roku TV brightness?

Yes, you can. Set the brightness under “Picture,” in the options.

How to lower TV brightness?

The settings menu on most TVs, including Roku TVs, lets you lower brightness. Adjust the “Picture” or “Display” options.

How to turn off the Roku TV light?

Log in to “Settings,” pick “System,” then “Power,” and disable “Power Indicator Light” to turn off your Roku status light.


Roku TV brightness adjustment improves viewing quality simply and effectively. The appropriate brightness can make all the difference whether watching a movie or a show. Do you want to set the mood for your next TV session?

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