How to turn the brightness up on a Dell Laptop? [Fixed 2023] 

You open your Dell laptop to finish work or watch Netflix, but the screen is dark. Let the light in! I’ll teach you how to turn the brightness up on a Dell laptop in a few clicks. Easy and efficient optical enhancement tips. Prepare to brighten your Dell laptop and view the world differently. 

How to turn the brightness up on a Dell laptop 

Changing your Dell laptop’s screen brightness is easy yet essential for better sight and less eye strain. Dell laptop brightness can be adjusted using one of these methods:

Method 1: Using the Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • Increase Brightness: Press “Fn” and “F3” together. Adjusting brightness may need multiple touches.
  • Decrease Brightness: Press “Fn” and “F2”.

Some Dell laptops have different keys and icons, but most follow a similar layout.

Method 2: Adjusting Brightness in Windows

Dell laptops running Windows can be adjusted for brightness through the Windows control panel. So how:

  • Open Control Panel: Click “Control Panel.” from the Windows Start menu.
  • Access Display Settings: Search “Display” or “Brightness” in the Control Panel. Click “Adjust screen brightness” when it appears.
  • Adjust Brightness: Move the slider to adjust brightness. Settings are saved by clicking “Apply”.

Method 3: Customizing Your Power Plan

Dell laptops have several power strategies for performance and battery longevity. Changing your laptop’s power plan can alter screen brightness. So how:

  • Enter Power Options: Visit the Control Panel and type “Power Options.” Click it to reveal Power Options.
  • Choose a Power Plan: Select your existing power plan in the Power Options window. Usually “Balanced” or “High Performance.”
  • Adjust Plan Settings: Select your power plan and click “Change plan settings.”
  • Change Advanced Power Settings: Click “Change advanced power settings.” in Edit Plan Settings.
  • Change Brightness Settings: Find “Display” or “Display brightness” under advanced settings. You may adjust the laptop brightness when on battery or plugged in.
  • Save Changes: After altering options, click “Apply” and “OK” to save.

Method 4: Adjusting Brightness in Dell Display Manager(if installed)

Dell laptops include “Dell Display Manager.” pre-installed. If your laptop includes this program, you may easily alter the brightness and other display settings.

  • Launch Dell Display Manager: Find the Dell Display Manager icon in the system tray or Windows Start menu. Double-click to open.
  • Adjust Brightness: Dell Display Manager allows brightness adjustments. Brightness sliders raise or reduce brightness.
  • Save Your Settings: After setting the brightness, click “Apply” or “Save” to save your adjustments.

Calibrating Your Display

You should modify your display’s color accuracy and contrast beyond brightness. Window’s display calibration tool helps with this.

  • Get Display Calibration: Search Control Panel for “Calibrate display color.” Click “Calibrate display color” when prompted.
  • Follow the Wizard: Display Color Calibration wizard guides you. Gamma, brightness, contrast, and color balance are adjusted. Calibrate your display using the on-screen directions.
  • Save Your Calibration: After calibration, save the changes for a bright, accurate display.

Night Light and Blue Light Filter

Use a Night Light or a Blue Light Filter to improve your viewing experience. These characteristics lessen eye strain, especially while using a low-light laptop.

  • Night Light: Windows 10 and 11’s “Night Light” suppresses blue light and warms the screen. You can automate its evening start. Click “Night Light settings.” under “Settings” > “System” > “Display” to enable it.
  • Blue Light Filter: Dell laptops come with blue light-reducing software. Check your Dell Display Manager or PremierColor settings for this feature.

Brightness Shortcuts for Mac Users

Dell laptops with macOS make brightness adjustment easy. Use these shortcuts:

  • Increase Brightness: Mac keyboard “F2” to brighten.
  • Decrease Brightness: Hit “F1” on your Mac to dim.

Additional Tips 

More ways to maximize your Dell laptop’s brightness adjustments:

  • Use Ambient Light Sensors: Some Dell laptops automatically adjust screen brightness based on ambient light. Enable this feature for smoothness.
  • Update Graphics Drivers: To optimize brightness and display settings, update graphics drivers often.
  • Consider Power Efficiency: Lowering laptop screen brightness might save battery life.
  • Calibrate Your Display: For photo editing and graphic creation, use calibration tools.


What shortcut key is to increase brightness on a Dell laptop?

On most Dell computers, “Fn” + “F3” or a sun-shaped function key increases brightness.

Why is my Dell laptop screen so dark?

A dark screen may occur from power settings, drivers, or ambient light sensors. Adjust the brightness with keyboard keys, Windows settings, or Dell Display Manager.

How to brighten the laptop screen?

Brighten your laptop screen by pressing “Fn” with the sun-shaped function key, usually “F3,” or by increasing the Windows display settings’ brightness.


Changing your Dell laptop’s brightness is simple yet crucial to your visual experience. Keyboard shortcuts and Windows settings provide you with full-screen illumination control. Why not brighten your laptop screen and see better now that you know how? What other areas of your digital experience do you want to learn?

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