How To Fix Motorola TV Remote Not Working? [Quick Steps 2023]

Navigating your favorite TV shows should be a breeze, but what happens when your trusty Motorola TV remote takes a break? A non-working remote can quickly turn your relaxation time into frustration. Discover expert solutions for a Motorola TV Remote Not Working and Troubleshoot glitches, reset your remote, or explore virtual alternatives to regain seamless control over your entertainment experience. 

Uncover practical tips to resolve common issues and ensure your TV remote is back in action. From checking batteries and exploring reset options to considering replacement remotes and virtual remote apps, we’ve got your back when troubleshooting your unresponsive Motorola TV remote.

Motorola TV Remote Not Working

Below are some easy tricks to help you troubleshoot and fix your non-working Motorola TV remote, ensuring seamless control over your entertainment experience.

Check the Batteries

remote batteries

If you’re experiencing issues with your Motorola TV remote, the first thing to check is its power source – the batteries. According to Motorola’s remote user guide, changing the batteries every six months is recommended to ensure optimal performance. 

Start by inspecting the battery compartment and ensuring the battery terminals are clean and corrosion-free. Additionally, make sure the batteries are correctly seated in their slots. 

Diminished range, delayed response, and intermittent functionality are signs of weak batteries. Keeping an eye on these indicators can help you address battery-related issues promptly.

Check the Mode Key

Your Motorola remote comes equipped with mode keys to control different devices. The LED light above these keys provides a clue to your remote’s current mode.

The mode key on your Motorola TV remote determines the device it controls. Each mode has specific functions, whether it’s the TV, STB, or AUX. The LED light above the method key is a visual indicator, letting you know which mode is active. 

Before troubleshooting further, ensure that your remote is set to the correct way for the device you intend to control. This simple step can prevent unnecessary frustration and make troubleshooting more effective.

Resetting the Remote

Resetting your Motorola TV remote can often resolve unresponsiveness and glitches. Follow these steps to perform a reset:

  • Press and Hold: Locate the “STB” (Set-Top Box) and “Set” keys on your remote control.
  • Hold for 3 Seconds: Press and hold down both the “STB” and “Set” keys simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds. Keep your eyes on the LED indicator above the “STB” key.
  • LED Indicator Activation: As you hold down the keys, you’ll notice that the LED indicator above the “STB” key will illuminate. This indicates that the remote has entered programming mode.
  • Enter the Code: In programming mode, input the code ‘901’ using the remote’s number pad. After entering the code, pay attention to the LED light.
  • Observe the LED Light: The LED light will flash thrice in response to entering the code ‘901’. This flashing indicates that the remote is now undergoing a reset process.
  • Finalizing the Reset: Press the “STB” key again to complete the reset. As you do this, the LED light flashes thrice and turns off. This confirms that your remote has been reset to its factory default settings.

Following these steps, you’ve successfully reset your Motorola TV remote, allowing it to return to normal operations. Remember, a reset can help eliminate various issues and restore your remote’s functionality.

Understanding Reset Benefits

  • Resolution of Glitches: Resets can eliminate glitches and software hiccups hindering your remote’s functionality.
  • Fresh Start: Similar to rebooting a computer, a reset gives your remote a fresh start, erasing any lingering issues.

Replacement Remote Options

If your troubleshooting efforts have hit a dead end, it might be time to bid farewell to your old remote and welcome a new companion.

When all attempts to revive your current remote have been exhausted, it’s time to explore replacement options. The Motorola DRC800 4 in 1 universal remote is an excellent choice, allowing you to control multiple devices with a single remote. 

This versatile option simplifies your entertainment setup and reduces clutter. Alternatively, the Anderic DRC800 remote is a seamless replacement designed to work with your Motorola TV. Embrace the convenience of a new remote, and say goodbye to the frustration of an unresponsive one.

Virtual Remote Solution

Mobile as remote and motorola tv

In today’s tech-savvy world, your smartphone can be more than just a communication tool – it can also come to the rescue when your physical remote lets you down. 

Discover the power of a virtual remote through the ‘Remote Control for Motorola’ app. Follow these steps to leverage this innovative solution:

  • Download the App: Download and install the ‘Remote Control for Motorola’ app from your smartphone’s app store. Ensure your smartphone and Motorola TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Launch the App: Open the app on your smartphone and navigate through any initial setup or permissions required.
  • Device Pairing: The app will guide you through pairing your smartphone with your Motorola TV. This usually involves following on-screen instructions and confirming the connection.
  • Explore Remote Features: Once paired, your smartphone’s screen will transform into a virtual remote control for your TV. You’ll find familiar buttons and controls that mimic your physical remote.
  • Functionality: Use the virtual remote to navigate through menus, change channels, adjust volume, and perform other functions, just like you would with the physical remote.
  • Benefits of a Virtual Remote: The virtual remote app offers convenience and versatility. It’s convenient if your physical remote needs to be more responsive or misplaced. Additionally, it’s perfect for situations where you want to control your TV from a distance or if you’re on the move.

Remember that while the virtual remote app offers a convenient workaround, it’s often a temporary solution. However, it can be a lifesaver when your physical remote is out of commission.

Virtual Remote Benefits

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: A virtual remote app ensures you’re never without control, even if your physical remote malfunctions.
  • Travel-Friendly: Using the app to control your TV in hotel rooms or other locations without carrying a physical remote.


FAQ 1: Why is my Motorola TV remote not responding? 

If your Motorola TV remote is unresponsive, it could be due to depleted batteries. Change the batteries to see if that fixes it.

FAQ 2: What to do if my remote button mode doesn’t work?

If your remote’s mode buttons (TV, STB, AUX) are not functioning, ensure you’re in the correct mode for the device you want to control. The LED light above the mode key should indicate the active way.

FAQ 3: How do I reset my Motorola TV remote? 

To reset your remote, press and hold the STB and Set keys for 3 seconds. Enter the code ‘901’ and press the STB key again to complete the reset. The LED light will flash, and your remote will return to default settings.

FAQ 4: Can a smartphone be used as a replacement for the remote?

You can temporarily use your smartphone’s ‘Remote Control for Motorola’ app to replace the physical remote. 

FAQ 5: What if my remote still doesn’t function after these steps?

If your remote remains unresponsive, consider getting a replacement remote, such as the Motorola DRC800 4 in 1 universal remote, which can control multiple devices. Alternatively, contact Motorola support for further assistance.


A non-working Motorola TV remote doesn’t have to spell the end of your entertainment. You can restore seamless control by following simple troubleshooting steps like checking batteries, resetting the remote, or exploring replacement options. 

Whether a quick fix or a virtual remote app, these solutions empower you to overcome remote-related challenges. 

Remember, technology may throw a curveball, but you can return to your favorite shows with the proper knowledge. Have you successfully revived your remote, or do you have more questions?

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