How To Fix Peacock not working on Vizio TV? [Fixed 2023]

You are watching your favorite shows and seeing a peacock fail to spread its digital plumes on your Vizio TV screen. This unanticipated hiccup can make you feel like you’re losing out on entertainment’s vivid plumage in a world where streaming is our modern peacock display. Is Peacock not working on Vizio TV? This troubleshooting guide provides expert advice and simple fixes for streaming issues, assuring compatibility with Vizio TV and Peacock streaming services.

Common Peacock Streaming Issues on Vizio TV

Common Peacock Streaming Issues on Vizio TV

Let’s first discuss Peacock streaming difficulties with Vizio TV before finding solutions:

No Video Playback: The screen remains blank or black despite several attempts due to network issues, app bugs, or obsolete software.

Audio Issues: Video audio may be distorted or nonexistent, impacting the viewing experience.

Buffering and Loading Issues: Network or technical issues cause frequent buffering interruptions in your TV or movie.

Login and Account Problems: Premium content may be available if you need help logging in or using your account. Let’s examine each issue’s thorough answers.

How To Fix Peacock Not Working On Vizio TV

To resolve Peacock not working on your Vizio TV, use these steps to troubleshoot and restore your streaming experience. 

steps to troubleshoot and restore streaming experience.

Check Your Internet Connection

Smooth streaming requires a fast, steady internet connection. Start by thoroughly checking your internet connection. Connect your Vizio TV to a fast network for Peacock streaming. You may test your internet speed on your Vizio TV or other device.

Update Your Vizio TV

Peacock-compatible streaming apps may not work with outdated TV firmware. Follow these thorough procedures to fix this:

  • Use the remote to access Vizio TV settings.
  • Go to “System” or “About”.
  • See “Software Update” or “Firmware Update”.
  • Install an update by selecting it and following the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart Vizio TV after updating.
  • This update should remedy streaming issues with bug fixes and improvements.

Update Peacock App

Like your Vizio TV, the Peacock app gets updates to fix bugs and improve performance. Make sure your Peacock app is updated:

  • Visit the Vizio TV app store or manager.
  • Find Peacock in the installed apps.
  • Select an update and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the app.
  • Relaunch the Peacock app after updating.
  • App updates often fix stability and compatibility issues.

Clear Cookies/Cache

Cookies and cached data can interfere with streaming programs. Clear Vizio TV cache and cookies with these comprehensive steps:

  • Use the remote to access Vizio TV settings.
  • Go to “Privacy” or “Security”.
  • Find options to clear cache and cookies.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to erase cache and cookies.
  • Restart Vizio TV after deleting the cache and cookies.
  • This removes saved data that may be causing Peacock app difficulties.

Disable VPN/proxy

VPNs and proxy servers might cause streaming service region-specific difficulties. These services can be turned off:

  • Go to Vizio TV settings.
  • Go to “Network” or “Internet” settings.
  • Find VPN or proxy settings.
  • Turn off these services.
  • After disabling, stream Peacock again to test whether it works.

Peacock account verification

Make sure your Peacock account is clean. Steps to validate your Peacock account:

  • 1. Visit the Peacock site.
  • 2. Sign in to Peacock with your credentials.
  • 3. Check your subscription status and payment information to confirm account activation.
  • 4. Check account notifications.
  • To resolve account concerns, contact Peacock’s customer care.

Contact Peacock Support

If none of the preceding measures work, contact Peacock’s customer care. They offer expert support and can evaluate server-side issues affecting streaming.

Alternative Streaming Methods

Troubleshooting your Vizio TV continues your Peacock binge-watching. Alternative ways to enjoy Peacock content:

Casting or Screen Mirroring

Google Cast and Apple AirPlay let you cast or screen mirror Peacock to your Vizio TV from a smartphone or tablet. 

  • Connect your Vizio TV and phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the Peacock app on mobile.
  • Play your desired content.
  • Look for the Peacock app’s cast or screen mirroring icon.
  • Choose your Vizio TV from the list.
  • Your Vizio TV should now show Peacock content.

Using a Streaming Device

For dependable Peacock streaming, consider a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV. Peacock apps and smooth streaming are typical on these devices. 

  • Use a streaming device
  • If not, buy a compatible streaming device.
  • HDMI connects the streaming device to the Vizio TV.
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network and install the Peacock app using the device’s setup instructions.
  • Enter your account credentials into the Peacock app on the streaming device.
  • Browse and play your favorite Peacock content on the streaming device’s remote.

This strategy makes streaming more stable and pleasurable.


Why won’t Peacock operate on my Vizio Smart TV?

Outdated app software or compatibility issues may prevent Peacock from working. Updating the Peacock app and TV firmware may fix it.

Does Vizio support Peacock?

Vizio Smart TVs support Peacock. However, updating the TV and Peacock app may improve performance.

Why won’t my TV Peacock app work?

Network or app difficulties may prevent the Peacock app from working. Test your internet connection and update the app.

Why are my Vizio TV applications not working?

App difficulties can result from obsolete TV software or conflicts. Update your Vizio TV firmware and erase the app’s cache and cookies.

How can I update the VIZIO Smart TV?

Go to System, then Check for Updates, to update your VIZIO Smart TV. Install updates using the on-screen instructions for better compatibility and performance.


Check and update the TV and app to fix Peacock not operating on your Vizio TV. Following the instructions above, you may solve common issues and stream uninterrupted. If you still need help, call or message customer support. Have you addressed your Vizio TV Peacock issue? 

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