What Are the Colored Buttons on Samsung TV Remote? [Quick Guide 2023]

Our TV remote controls have evolved into sophisticated tools that provide us with more than just channel-switching capabilities. Among the array of buttons on these remotes, the colored ones – red, green, yellow, and blue – hold a mysterious allure. Discover, What are the colored buttons on Samsung TV remote and the functions and utility of the colored buttons on your Samsung TV remote, and discover how these deep buttons enhance your TV interaction, from pausing content to accessing advanced settings.

What Are the Colored Buttons on Samsung TV Remote?

Those vibrant red, green, yellow, and blue buttons on your Samsung TV remote are more than just decoration. They are vital in simplifying your TV interaction and accessing various features. 

Each color has a specific function; knowing how to use them effectively can significantly enhance your TV-watching experience.

Functions of the Colored Buttons

Samsung TV remotes are designed to offer a user-friendly experience. The colored buttons on these remotes serve as shortcut buttons to perform specific actions quickly. 

Depending on the model of your Samsung TV and the remote control, these buttons can have various functions, making navigation more intuitive. Here are the standard procedures associated with each colored button:

  • Red Button: Often used to stop or cancel an action.
  • Green Button: Frequently used for play or start functions.
  • Yellow Button: Commonly used for secondary operations, such as accessing additional information or features.
  • Blue Button: Often used for advanced functions, such as accessing settings or options.

How to use the colored buttons on the remote control?

Samsung tv with remote colored button looks clearly

The colorful buttons on a Samsung TV remote, often overlooked as mere embellishments, are intelligently designed tools that play a crucial role in optimizing your TV interaction. Understanding the functions of each colored button can elevate your television experience, making navigation and control more intuitive and efficient.

Red Button: 

The red button on your Samsung TV remote is not just a splash of color; it serves a specific purpose. Positioned for quick access, the red button is your go-to tool for stopping or canceling ongoing actions. 

Whether amid playback, navigating menus, or responding to prompts, a simple press of the red button provides an instant halt. 

This functionality ensures that you maintain precise control over your TV interactions without the need for complex navigation through menus.

Green Button:

Right alongside the red button is its vibrant counterpart, the green button. A symbol of initiation and play, the green button is strategically placed to commence actions swiftly. 

Pressing this button launches playback of media content, initiates streaming, or opens applications seamlessly. 

Instead of maneuvering through layers of menus, the green button offers a direct and efficient path to beginning your entertainment journey.

Yellow Button:

The unassuming yellow button on your remote holds the key to unlocking supplementary layers of information and features. 

Often used to access secondary functions, this button provides additional context and enrichment to your viewing experience. 

Whether you’re seeking in-depth details about a program, exploring bonus content, or accessing contextual menus, the yellow button opens doors to enhanced engagement and discovery without disrupting your primary content.

Blue Button: 

Strategically positioned, the blue button on your Samsung TV remote offers access to advanced functions and settings. When pressed, it unveils a realm of customizable options, allowing you to fine-tune your TV settings and preferences. 

This button is your gateway to navigating through intricate menus and making personalized adjustments to your viewing environment. 

Its association with advanced features empowers you to tailor your TV experience to your unique preferences.

What is the 123 color button on Samsung remote?

Among these buttons, the “123” color button on your Samsung remote is a versatile tool that brings efficiency and convenience to your TV interaction. When you press the “123” button, a virtual keyboard appears on your TV.

This keyboard makes entering numbers and text easy without scrolling through an on-screen keyboard or using arrow keys.

Navigating Through Programs with Ease

The “123” button isn’t just limited to numeric inputs; it can also help you navigate programs and menus swiftly. Here’s how:

  • Entering Numbers: The “123” button becomes a keyboard for entering a channel number, PIN, or code, making the procedure simple and efficient.
  • Managing Programs: When navigating through programs, the “123” button can be a tool for managing your content. Whether selecting a specific episode or inputting a time value, the virtual keyboard simplifies the task.

Streamlining Your TV Interaction: The “123” Button’s Role

The “123” button is more than just a numeric input tool; it’s a gateway to streamlined TV interaction:

  • Quick and Precise: With the virtual keyboard, you can input numbers and text quickly and accurately, saving you time and frustration.
  • Enhanced Browsing: When searching for content or navigating through apps, the “123” button accelerates the process, making inputting search terms or codes a breeze.

Customizing Colored Buttons: Myth or Reality?

Many users wonder if they can customize these colored buttons to suit their preferences. Unfortunately, this is impossible—the colored buttons on a Samsung TV remote come pre-programmed with specific functions that cannot be changed. The TV model and operating system determine the standard color and position.


Q1: Can I change the functions of the colored buttons on my Samsung TV remote? 

Unfortunately, no. The colored buttons come with predetermined functions that cannot be customized.

Q2: What is the purpose of the “123” color button? 

The “123” button is a versatile shortcut that opens a keyboard, making it easy to input numbers or manage programs on your TV.

Q3: How can I use the colored buttons to access different features?

The colored buttons act as shortcuts to perform various actions. For instance, the green button often starts playback, while the yellow button can lead to additional information.

Q4: Are the functions of the colored buttons the same on all Samsung TV models? 

The functions can vary based on the TV model and the remote control. It’s essential to consult your TV’s user manual for precise information.

Q5: Can I use the colored buttons with apps on my Samsung TV? 

Yes, some apps may utilize colored buttons for specific functions. Check the app’s instructions or your TV’s user manual for details.


Your Samsung TV remote’s colored buttons are more than meets the eye. They’re your gateway to quick actions, seamless navigation, and enhanced TV viewing. Understanding their functionalities lets you use your TV’s capabilities without navigating menus.

While customization isn’t possible, conventional methods are designed to facilitate TV use. So, the next time you pick up that remote, remember that those colorful buttons are your keys to a more enjoyable TV experience.

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